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Managing your own building project is challenging – it involves knowing what is involves in the building and construction process, being able to source the right people and the right materials at the right prices and having a constant eye on the budget and timescales. Here at M&D we supply you with a project manager in North London for all of our jobs and we believe that this improves the stress factor and will even save you money in the long run.

For an idea of what managing your own project would involve simply read here.

What is a project manager?

A project manager will oversee your entire project from beginning to end. You will have a very close relationship with them and will be kept informed about what is happening on site at all times. They will know at what stage your build is at and how things are going in relation to costs and timescales. They will ensure that each trade is on site at the right time and that materials are delivered as needed.

Many people find that employing a project manger means they save money and their project finishes to schedule. This is worth its weight in gold.

Bringing in a project manager
If you decide to employ a project manager you can expect them to be highly efficient – after all, they have done the job many times before. They will be employed by your main contractor and will be used to the way that the team of builders works. Additionally they will have access to the people, suppliers and resources which they use regularly.

It is true that having a project manager may make your project a little more expensive – but it is much more likely to run to schedule and you can expect that your budget will be adhered to. In some cases you may simply be asked to pay for the project in stages, rather than paying for each part of the job individually. This makes it much easier to keep an eye on your cashflow. The PM will take care of all purchasing decisions after talking through what you want and the finish you expect.

You may feel that you have less control with a project manager, but if you work together closely and get on well – this shouldn’t be an issue. A good project manager should be available to talk through problems at any time. Employing a project manager is especially suitable for anyone who works full time or has other time constraints.

Being your own project manager

Many people think they can do this, but it is a much harder job than you might think. You will be expected to understand architect drawings and explain them to the builders, you will be responsible for paying the tradesmen and suppliers, you will arrange the running of the site including health ad safety and security, you will make sure materials are delivered on time for the right trade and make sure the project runs to the right schedule and to budget.

If you have good building experience and have plenty of time, it certainly is possible to do this job yourself.  You will have control over every aspect of the build and will not have any surprises. You could be saving money – as long as you do the job well.

One stop options

M&D offer a one stop shop for project management which includes a service from the beginning of the project through to the very end. You will have one main person with whom you can have constant contact and they will be your project manager throughout. You can develop a rapport with them and they will ensure the project happens within your needs.

This type of project management is offered as part of set price – the entire project. This includes the design, the architects fees, the surveyors and engineering reports, the building works and interior design and through to the final delivery.

This approach offers peace of mind and an easy project. The contractors are all pre-approved and have worked with that project manager before. You can rest easy that your job is in good hands and you are able to deal with just one person rather than all the different trades.

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