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A loft conversion is a great way to improve your home, especially if you are on a budget and need more space. As specialists for the Whetstone and Totteridge area, M&D Properties can advise you on the best way to convert your loft to maximise the space and stay within your budget.

Totteridge and Whetstone homes are especially perfect for loft conversions or loft extensions as they are often older style homes with large loft spaces which are underused. The simple act of converting your loft will give you extra space you can use as a playroom, a study, a new bedroom and ensuite or even a room for storage, if you are short on space elsewhere.

M&D Properties are able to complete your loft extension, but we are also able to carry out any other work around your home which you may need. This includes all of the following.

Totteridge and Whetstone loft conversions

We are lucky enough to have worked throughout the London borough of Barnet and almost all of North London and we especially love Totteridge and Whetstone. The houses in this area are full of character and there are a number which are large, where care and attention needs to be taken to ensure the design is perfect.

Our architects, who are sourced from the local area will be able to design your loft extension or loft conversion with you and then pass the building work on to us. All planning permission will be taken care of – although in most cases a loft conversion will come under permitted development.

Call us for a loft conversion quote

We have many customers in the Totteridge and Whetsone area who have been more than happy with the loft conversion carried out on their home. Just read our testimonial page for more. All you need to do is get us round for a quote and we can talk through your options. From the smallest terrace through to the largest detached home, a loft conversion is almost always possible.

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